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Ghaoul (1個月前) #23907462I'm sure your friends and family made yesterday a day worth remembering for you. Forget 2017.
YOUR new year has begun--1 down, 364 to come. So make the best of them as you know you can surely do!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'll do my best!! :D
Ghaoul (1個月前) #22984320With a supposed 6 hour time difference, the day's about done in good ol' Italy, huh?
Sorry, I'm cutting it too close here! I hope your friends and family have made this a day to remember!
Now then, it's a new personal year for you. The following 364 days fall to you. Make the best of them, Yukina! :)

Thank you so much Ghaoul, I'm so happy for your kind words *hug*
02個月前 (2個月前)AcidPunkAcidPunk
You're welcome
Happy Birthday Ghaoul!!
Happy Birthday!




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