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Yaaaay~~ Thank you <3
idk if you accept friend requests, but I feel like we collect the same things XD <3
Hey I saw your post. It's best if you can enable comments so people can reply to you :)

I had a quick look on Yahoo auctions and there's no trace of the doujin however a quick reverse image search of the cover shows this page: [ext link ] I don't know if the seller is still active. so best of luck~
I started in late 2015, but that was just me grabbing some stuff off ebay. It wasn't until late 2016 that I really got into it and thus signed up here hehe. The Ice Cream set was my first figure preorder too, so seeing your collection and hearing about the start of your merch adventures really resonates with me haha!

omgggg I know, Siren and Crow!! ;___; Fisheye is one of my favourite Sailor Moon villains too, but I'm not as interested in the rest of the set (money/space), so I hope I'll be able to buy Fisheye separately at some point. ;_; While I don't feel strong attachment to Witches 5, they're probably the villain group with my favourite design, so I might end up buying them anyway... (And then maybe try to get my hands on Black Lady so I can put her next to Mistress 9? OMG THESE PETIT CHARAS ARE GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME.)

Now if only Utena had more figures!
07個月前 (7個月前)EmilliaEmillia
feuilgarde (7個月前) #18092312Your collection is so adorable, I love it so much! All the Sailor Moon and Utena merchandise. <3 <3 <3
I really, really adore the Petit Charas, as they were my very first purchases in this hobby (Free!, Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura Petit Charas specifically), along with the Twinkle Dolly set that you own. I've got a bunch of them now and need to stop, but... how can I when they keep releasing such cute sets. ;_; Hopefully this series will be continued long enough for us to get a Shadow Galactica set too, since they've been my favourite group for a long time. :D

Thank you! I only started collecting a lot of this stuff in earnest early 2016, so I had some catching up to do! Aside from a few gashapon and the Uranus and Neptune S.H. Figuarts, I was just kinda letting all the Sailor Moon merch pass me by, until I bought the Ice-Cream Petit Chara set, and I loved them so much I decided I had to get more...and more...and more...and that was the beginning of the descent into madness.

So I am totally with you on how adorable the Petit Charas are, they're kind of responsible for making me jump on this crazy collecting train.

Edit: I would LOVE to have Galaxia and Crow and Siren in the Petit Chara line! They're some of my favourite villains. And I really want all the season three villains too - I mean, this line is wildly successful, so let's hope they don't stop before they do all the major characters and villains.




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