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My comics are on hold for the time being, in the middle of getting a new job so once that is situated I will continue the series!
My comics and behind the scenes are also hosted at deviantart [ext link ]

I collect Figmas, Touhou Fumos, OST cds, and BDs/DVDs when possible.

I have experience as a musician but nothing worthy to be released yet ^^; I play piano/keys, synthesizers, electric guitar, violin, and Vocaloid.

Feel free to ask questions or even socialize~
Thanks for visiting!

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Happy Birthday !! \(^O^)/
Hope you'll continue your comics !! *^*
Thanks for the FR!
02年前 (2年前)WercikWercik
thx, I'm jealous of your Touhou collection!
Drathfox (2年前) #2882009Lovely artwork, keep it up!

Thank you so much! http://i.imgur.com/YH0J2Be.gif
Holy crap I'm late!! >_<
Happy Birthday!! :D
Wish you had an Amazing day!! *\(^O^)/*





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