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Anime is Awesome, but Animated women in general are even more AWESOME! From their Amazingly Designed and often times revealing outfits. To their dreamy body proportions, long flowing hair, seductive facial expressions, etc., etc. "What can I say?" I have a passion for Animated women...SO WHAT!? Some will call it "cringe" I say WTF ever! Being an artist myself, I am attracted to the stylization of the characters. I can look beyond the often sexual themes and actually appreciate the craftsmanship of that character from an artists perspective. There is such a wide variety of styles by different artists to enjoy and love too. My personal favorite Illustrators so far are: Reiq, Sei Shoujo, Kagami, Jin Happoubi, Shunya Yamashita, Stanley Lau, Sano Toshihide, Ishikei, Mogudan, Oda Non. I DO NOT care that the artist mentioned aren't all Japanese or all technically labeled as Anime/Manga artist. Their art is of high quality in the different styles which they work and they inspire me as an artist. I hope to have my own site dedicated to my very own characters someday.

As for collecting itself, I would say I officialy started in 2011 with my purchase of the Gothic Lolita ver. of Ryomou Shimei by Daiki. I do have many Street Fighter figures from Sota and Hasbros Gi Joe line. I also collected a fair amount of Irwin's Dragon Ball Z figures due to loving the show growing up. So you could technically say I've been collecting long, long before 2011. However, my first real attempt at collecting Pre-painted figures and imported goods started with Ryomou back in 2011.

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02小時前lumpyheadlumpyhead Demoness
I ended up getting the rinko mousepad. Saw your comment on it just now and see you're not too happy about it. In person it's really cool
Damn, according to the Lilith-soft blog, this item item #593113 is probably going to be a garage kit.
I believe she's called Fuuma Saika. I've already made an entry for the wall scroll and her character item #602746

Doboy (23天前) #23921333Yeah she's sexy, you have any idea what her name is?I know she's from battle arena and that's about it.
I think it is. I got this one from there item #599405 and I haven't even seen that one in the Lilith store.

Doboy (24天前) #23890037Thanks for that,is this exclusive to that store?
Just a friendly reminder that LiLiTH is also selling something here [ext link ]




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