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Hi! I tried to email you but your inbox is full :S
DBZRuss25 (9天前) #22325710Hello how's it going I would be happy to buy the pre-order that you have of the Fullmetal Alchemist from AmiAmi is that slot still available I am 29 days late
Check pms :D!
09天前 (9天前)DBZRuss25DBZRuss25
Not counting my statues in dioramas which are not licensed like example Xceed, LB Studio or VKH I have about only 9 more figures to reach 100 almost there
DBZRuss25 (13天前) #22196432Awe your welcome & That's a very positive hobby that you have for yourself & Miku is a awesome character respect :) .... mine is Vegeta from DBZ & Pain from Naruto along with Itachi they are my favorite.
Aww thanks. I had stoped collecting for the longest time and then I finally got back into it. I had a lot of negativity about collecting at first when I was younger and so I missed out on a lot of the classic figures that are hard to come by now.
DBZRuss25 (12天前) #22223930Hi are you still selling her

By her who do you mean? I'm selling Saber Lily but EU only





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