BombastussBombastuss キラキラ~☆Just according to keikaku*.


I am Bombastuss.

I can not think of anything good to put here.

*Keikaku means plan.

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02年前 (2年前)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Bombastuss (2年前) #2664246Oh, right. I got those mixed up. I have a drama CD as well (though not listed on MFC as I couldn't find it here)
but yeah the character CD is also quite nice as I recall.
Well I was actually in Japan back in July/August last year and sadly I couldn't find a lot of ZnT/Louise goods. There's some to be sure but I found you had to do some digging. It was way easier to find stuff back in 2008 since Princess no Rondo had just started airing so back then you could find ZnT stuff pretty much everywhere you looked.
And, yeah I can see from your collection that you're a huge fan :)

Yeah shouldve gone in 2012 when the final season was airing :) oh well.. Might ask the tourguide where i will be booking the trip, might be lucky if he/she knows

Ahh well might be the one i recently added? (item #285688) I see lots of drama cds tho on surugaya ;) which arent on mfc.. [ext link ] [ext link ] These for example

You a fan of louise or ZnT in general? Im both but louise stands out for me lol

Good to hear, cant wait for my loot! :D i hope i get everything of ZnT someday or at least everything louise :3
02年前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Bombastuss (2年前) #2664197Yes, I'm also quite fond of Louise. Nice to meet another fan of hers :)
The shirt I got somewhere in Akiba (I think it was at Gamers but I'm not sure) back in 2008.
As for the CD I can't quite remember. It was a long time since I last listened to it (and I understood very little Japanese at the time) but as a purely decorative collectors item it's quite nice too.

Well it isnt a drama cd, i dont buy those cause they just talk japanese.. The character cd has sngs right? Well i ordered one :) wonder what song is on it ^^ ! Only paid 120 yen :) ex proxy fees etc (still cheaper than cdjapan who charges 1800 ex int.shipping)

Ahh i see lucky you, i got the recent tshirt but my rats made a small spot in it :( sniff.. Tho i repaired it and less noticeable so i still wear it

Hmm hopefully next year it might still be at gamers in japan :) dod they have more louise goodies there :D ?

Y im pretty famous and even called her no.1 fan haha :P but wouldnt call myself that but i am quite hardcore :3
02年前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hey there! Seems you like louise as well?

Was wondering where you got this shirt (or perhaps you sell it) item #77088

And is the character cd of louise worth purchasing? :)

Youre a very lucky guy
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
03年前SobzobSobzob 神座万象
Noein-Disgaea (3年前) #1885740Haha, hej hej! Inte jag heller för den delen xD *ehem* Yes, jag är en figur-samlare som alla andra här och jag skriver även, väldigt väldigt sällan, på PVC bloggen Meji och Pahsy har.

Det var vi 3 som kollade på figurrumpor tillsammans på Närcon.




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