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Would love to be friend with other collectors~

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[quote]Hey Tia, Just noticed your new post "Canada post and Custom" and found your name familiar! So I tracked you down on my post!
Got facebook?

Hello there BlueSky. I do have FB but I keep it to people I know in the R/L and having said that its 97% family only. I am of the older generation and I do not use this medium the way it is intended. then again I do not want to be " Friends " with 3000 people I do not know.

Most of my Fb would bore you to tears LOL

If you do want to chat though I am more then willing to send chat through comments here if you like.

= )

Thanks! I did a bachelor degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources! BlueSKy (1年前) #6543849hey jess, you are really lovely! ;)
simce you just graduated, just wondering, waht was your program of study
Thanks for the FR!
BlueSKy (1年前) #5214500Hey bro Im in Ontario too

Ah hey what's up, welcome to MFC, see you just joined the other day. How did you come across my profile anyways if you don't mind me asking xD? There's an Ontario Club here but it's not very active. People respond though if you have a question or just want to leave a comment there.

I like your collection as well, there's some there I would get if I had an infinite cash flow lol
Welcome to the site mate.




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