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Would love to be friend with other collectors~

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BlueSKy (1個月前) #23374340Well, you might not know the anime because it's an old one and not so popular. My favourite is 3x3 Eyes. What about you? Beside love life, any other suggestions on your list? :)
Sorry for late reply I went to sleep. That sounds cool! I recommend psycho pass and the devil is a part timer! They're both really great!
BlueSKy (1個月前) #23373161That's awesome! You're going to be my first friend in the UK!
Also, you seem to like a lot love live girls :)

Haha yeah it's practically my life lol. What's your favourite anime?
BlueSKy (1個月前) #23372684Hello,
Thanks a lot, love yours too :)
You're in the UK?

Hey, I love your collection!
[quote]Hey Tia, Just noticed your new post "Canada post and Custom" and found your name familiar! So I tracked you down on my post!
Got facebook?

Hello there BlueSky. I do have FB but I keep it to people I know in the R/L and having said that its 97% family only. I am of the older generation and I do not use this medium the way it is intended. then again I do not want to be " Friends " with 3000 people I do not know.

Most of my Fb would bore you to tears LOL

If you do want to chat though I am more then willing to send chat through comments here if you like.

= )





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