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My collection reflects my inspiration and favoritism.

With that said, i humbly Welcome you to my page.

Share an interest you're willing to discuss?
Having similar anime watched?
Being inspired by the artistic expressions?
No? If not, move along.
You do? Have a seat, my comment bar has enough space.

So what is my main focus on my figure collection?
"In that case, I think we can understand each other. There's no reason for you and i to be enemies, right?"
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I prefer quality over quantity regarding figure collecting, this counts for both scale figures and smaller chibi-like figures, that also includes expressive figures with more articulations, expressions and accessories(hence why i like Figmas & Nendoroids) to fully bring out their personalities and situations during those moments we knew them from their respective anime/game.
That is to say, i do make exceptions and tend to buy lower quality figures in rare cases due to the character lacking a better figure or the price being convincing enough.

Figures that tend to interest me:

-High or good quality scale figures reflecting the character's personality.
-Figmas, Nendoroids and other poseable figures with enough accessories.(Link Figma Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition, Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid ex.)
-Characters that have a certain originality about their tendencies and can keep a good characterization with a unique, appealing design. (Yuri Lowell (Alter 1/8), Mew Strawberry (Takara 1/8) ex.)
-Figures off non-human beings, wolves, creatures, Digimon, Pokemon etc.(Metal Garurumon Figuarts ex.)

Figures i generally tend to dislike:

-Figures off bland and dull characters with no characterisation or originality.(Kirito, Natsu Dragneel ex.)
-Golden/silver/generally full single colour painted figures.
-Nudity and vulgarity on figures.
-Cheap and low quality figures that are useless for display.
-Superhero-like figures.(With some exceptions like Saitama and Rorschach.)
-Dolls. (Seriously, those eyes are disturbing.)

What do i like to collect among games & merchandise?
"There are two things that collectors always want. The first is any item of extreme rarity. The second is colleagues to whom they can brag about their collection."
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When it comes to games, I'm a avid collector, my collection also reflects everything that inspires me and the game series i loved both back in my younger days and at the present.

The games i collect primarily consists mainly of JRPGS, i do however collect a whole lot of other games including strategy, plattformers, hack and slash, fighting(Super Smash Bros.), lots of Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda. Even shooters in some cases. Rarities are a must collect if it's of great importance to me. Basically everything i consider worth my time, be it good or bad games, i tend to try out a lot just in order to have a full picture out of something that concerns me.

I also like to play games out of artistic and story interest rather than just "having fun while playing the game only", i believe there is something much more deeper and symbolic within games than "meets the eye", therefore games with experimental nature and uniqueness tend to catch my interest.

Favourite game(s): The Legend of Zelda series, Metal Gear Solid series, Grandia series, Golden Sun series(GBA), The World Ends With You, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Banjo Kazooie.

Other games i enjoy: Tales of series(all except Tales of Legendia), Final Fantasy series(not the first two and XIII), Zone of The Enders series, Mario Kart series(all except Double Dash and Super Circuit), Mario Party series(2-5 & DS), Starfox series, Kirby series, Donkey Kong series, Pokemon series, Sonic the Hedgehog series(Sega Megadrive),Rayman series, Ratchet & Clank series.

Games i dislike: Fifa/PES series, Call of Duty series, Counter Strike series, Body Harvest, Paper Mario Sticker Star, The Legend of Spyro Eternal Night, Shadow the Hedgehog, Tales of Legendia, Final Fantasy II.

When it comes to merchandise, other than figures i seldom bother to collect anything unless it absolutely catches my eyes to the point i want it, main reason is because lots of merch tends to be cheap and plain plushies, badges, straps, cups etc. I only like quality merchandise which actually has some value in collecting.

Do i watch a lot of anime?
"There's no more trusted observer than someone who suspects you."
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When it comes to anime, i watch pretty much everything the industry has to offer, be it a kiddy friendly show like Digimon, Pokemon or a downright cruel and mature show like Death Note. Everything with any speck of production deserves my time. Being a veteran, i have developed high critical senses and i may be quite harsh due to that. At my level, there are quite fewer things that satisfy me, therefore the shows that have really captured me are of great value to me and are recommended to all who seek pleasure within the anime industry, all of which can be seen on my MAL site.

Favourite anime: Akira, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Before i began collecting figures for real, i loved collecting Pokemon trading figures in my young days, i used to buy a Pokeball which contained both candy and a figure at several occasions given the chance. I also had some old Digimon action figures i got as a gift which unfortunately broke. I loved playing with my figures a lot, however those days are in the distant past as now my collecting ambitions are for displaying purposes mainly. The reason why i began as a serious figure collector in the first place was mainly because of how much i feel in love with my favourite shows and characters which led me to slowly assemble their figures into the collection i own today, due to only collecting the figures of the characters i like and know, i hand-pick only those who convinces me the most.

That's it for now, perhaps there will be more written here in the future, ones mind expands all the time after all.

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Avolion (1個月前) #20408557Well a little, but since my budget has been reserved to other things including Figma Snake(you should have asked earlier xd) I'm unable to afford it atm and i think i will most likely aim for the Mini Revol instead to match the scale of Snake better.
I don't know how long you are willing to reserve but since it will take a while for me to afford you can sell it to someone else, i don't mind. :)
well I actually just sold it, so ok I guess. What about Solidus Snake and some others?
Are you still interested in the Play Arts Kai figures you asked about months ago?
Avolion (5個月前) #17253650What series is the character from your avatar from if i may ask?

I don't think is from a series, Im sorry ^^U
Hahaha, we knew it would happen at some point. ;P

Avolion (5個月前) #17400978You got your first male figure. :o
Congratz mate!
Avolion (5個月前) #17266990Well at least Edward has a really badass scale i want(his G.E.M. Figure).
See it like this: Since there really is only one way to get Archer Kuro (unless you want to overpay for a garage kit)then it's better than nothing. Its cheap as well so you won't be spending too much on it.

True but he's not that easy too find for a good price nowadays.

I'm not really looking for Fate/Kaleid figures, but I still find it odd that a prize is the only normal version of her. But thanks for the suggestion anyway :p




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