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Haikyuu!! - Hinata Shouyou - Figma #358 (Max Factory, Orange Rouge)

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God bless Orange Rouge.
(not to sound ungrateful but...) WHERE ARE THE SCALES????
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Am I missing something? The figma is supposed to come with the net, right? Coz I can't find it.
Where is the net supposed to be in the box?
Played with him a fair amount today while snapping some photos. I'd say if you like Figmas and like Haikyuu, you're gonna like this one. Very easy to pose, even while morphing into a new pose I'd stop and go in a different direction because he body would move in such a way that made me go with it XD

He can easily accomplish all poses advertised on the box, after that I went into blocking, diving, and several athletic stretches and he did everything I tried. The only thing I was a little troubled by was his receive, in which his arms can't really move that far from the pose on the box. It is what it is. Many action figures can't even get their arms in front/across the body so all in all it's well done.

I like the faces enough, I wish the bonus had been a frustrated face, or something? His standard serious face is ok but I feel is slightly off. The other two I like a lot and am satisfied.

I took out his nendo as well, and compared to the figma, man that thing is frustrating. I do hope GSC/OR/Max Factory will continue the line, or at LEAST give us Kageyama. Honestly to make Noya all they'd have to do it make a different face and repaint the body (and maybe widen the angle on the shoulders for receives). The rate at which Figmas are released is another discussion, but Haikyuu is still going strong as a series so I won't give up hope that more will come.
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Got mine from GSC today!! Did anyone else have two of the same volleyball net pieces? I’m wondering if it was a mistake... the string for the net is supposed to be taught at the top and more slack at the bottom, but I have two of the same so when I set it up one is slack on the top.

There are a few things that I wish were considered when making him, but overall I understand and like him a lot. I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow.
Leesil (17天前) #29102744Cmon guys. Show some photos!!! *waiting*


There are more if you search his name on Twitter.