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gwendal738-2 (2天前) #24909013OMG! You should post some photos of him! :'D
smolbun (2天前) #24939210I've been having trouble finding those plushies, where did you get those?

They were gifts from a friend.
I love your pictures! thanks for sharing!! they're really helpful!!
Solarstormflare (1天前) #24995136 I haven't ever got a nsfw figure, but I was tempted to get item #460017 because I really liked the pose, (my mum saw me looking at him!! But she just said he looked "gay"'.
Unrelated, but you got me a good laugh. It reminds me of when I was playing a SMT game and Mara was on my 50"inch TV and my father showed up and saw it. I think this event was erased from his mind.

naisor (1天前) #24996065I remember when I used to live in Japan (where my figure collector's thirst was born) while studying Doctor's Course that, at our university, we where once coming out of the cafeteria me and my Japanese colleagues.
A young Japanese lady from another laboratory studying her undergraduate was with us, and for some reason the conversation shifted to talk about her colleagues which she described as "kimochi warui" (disgusting) because they brought there "nasty" anime figures to have standing on their desks at their lab. I couldn't help but to immediately say about that "well... actually I do also collect anime figures...", to which she shockingly responded "oh, but I'm sure you're nothing like them." and felt like apologizing for the rest of the day.

This woman sounds like my mom. I'm so use to women bitching behind each others back about how they (the other woman) look, how they look dumb, how they acted, how they move and how they should be. But when they see the person in question they act the nicest because that's just social conventions dictate that you shouldn't be mean to others (and thus insulting them in their face).

Hatchuu (22小時前) #24998414Sounds like you're primarily very self-conscious about how others will perceive you in regards to owning something like that more than anything. I think those two figures are sure, provocative in places, but it's part of the style.
That can be said for a lot of art - some is more sensual, or puritan, just because of what the artist (and you) like; and I am speaking from a classical art POV, since that's one of my research hobbies but the same applies to all art including figures. I love my NSFW figures because of their character, their quality, ect. I see a lot of parallels between what I collect/admire/draw. If anyone asks some weird questions - which I personally have not had an issue with because I am a grown individual - just tell them why you like it. Really. That passion for their sculpt, design, attributes will come out when you talk about them. If someone gets hung up on a figure not having any underwear or a bra? Tell 'em they're having an off day. We've all been there.
TL;DR: You're hardly responsible for how it looks, but only how you feel about it. So just love the things you love and don't feel ashamed, life is too short not to have the nice things on your shelf.

Reading your comment made me remember that there was an exposition at the art museum that was about the most beautiful butts. It was basically showing classical sculptures where the butts were featured. I wanted to go, but(ah!) was to embarrassed to ask my friend to go with me. I kind of regret it still. Apparently it was very informative.

I'm part 3d modeler, so I really like when a I see a well made NSFW figure. I know it's so hard to convey sexyness without something looking awfully off. I know I tried. *Put on sunglasses* Sometime those breast/cheeks/thighs are simply a work of art.
I kinda feel like this could be a good intro to a MyPillow commercial. :P
Eileen The Crow HYPE!
Such a shiny birthday loot! :D
3小時前KattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
franjandar (1天前) #24966382Ah thank you very much and no problem I guess? I really like your YouTube channel I happened to stumble opon your youtube channel through your haul vids, and binge watched all your video's, that being said I really like your video's! BTW did you see that Myethos and Emon Toys (I think) are making a celsetia Ludenberg figure? That is an insta-buy for me!Oh gosh I'm so flattered thank you! ^_^ I have to admit it's been hard to do regular videos lately but I really miss doing them! Hopefully I can make more soon! :D

And I did! I'm soooo excited for her :DDD I can't wait! Price wise, she's not too horrifying either compared to other figures lately haha.
This is me every month. I regret nothing. :P
Both Maki and that flower are too pure for this world. <3
Hi, I am interested in the saber bride (Hobby Max). Can you please send me a message? Thank you. I am based in Australia
3小時前KattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
smolbun (1天前) #24957849AH THANK YOU! I love your avatar picture it's literally me every time I buy another round of Madoka loot!Hahah, same here! There's just so many prettty Madoka things out there >3<
Beautiful queen <3
I love Mei so much, but I wasn't sold on this nendo until I saw today's short film! Mei is bae <3
weeb (3小時前) #25025667damn is this re release happenin or wat

Give them time - it was only announced just over three weeks ago.
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I don't know about your situation, but couldn't you move out? Then you could collect whatever you like.

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