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Happy Birthday! I hope it sucks~!
Hi do you have the blue eyes good smile company for sale?
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Surprised she isn't smiling. I can understand that for Mordred though.
samkaizoku (9小時前) #29921244Oh my, where do I start:
1 - It has finally happened! We have a GEM Hokage Naruto and it looks good! I just hope they will add 1 extra head of him with the Hokage hat on. Either way, I'm almost 100% certain that I will buy it.
2 - I sold my GEM "Boruto the movie" Sasuke just a few weeks ago. Will have to buy it again xD and he can FINALLY be matched with this Sasuke item #379911
3 - When MegaHouse really puts its head into the game it can deliver and be the best, bar NONE. I feel like it has come under new management and 2017 has been an exceptionally good year. They finally delivered on Hinata and Sakura, Hokage Naruto, Kyuubi, not Naruto related but also including Gear 4 Luffy, Reiju, SA-MAXIMUM Jinbei, SA-MAXIMUM Whitebeard, and the new VS line which could be the start of something interesting.
What a way for MegaHouse to end 2017! Hopefully, 2018 will be as good!

I agree with what you say but there are a lot of issues which are being ignored.

1. They have disgustingly increased their prices to the point that many people feel its better not to buy the character they had wanted to buy for a long time. For example the gaara and sa max jinbei.

2. The naruto gals line is just decent. The poses given to the characters describes the character as much as the bb line describes one piece.

3. The one piece figures announced and released this year contains 3 sa max=over priced which not each fan can afford, reiju which is good but looks like she belongs to an ecchi series and not one piece and vs trafalgar which is decent but there are a good amount of figures made by mh for him anyways. He wont be justifiable unless mh releases a doffy to go with him.

The only figures i felt are good is this hokage naruto, kyuubi, and minato which released earlier this year. I am pretty sure kyuubi will have a huge price tag similar to that of sa max but i will buy him because its a must have in my collection now. Same for the hokage naruto. Overall I feel megahouse hasnt done much change this year. They just realized that fans want more characters and for them erotic poses print cash. But it does look like we will get more characters at least in 2018. But at what expense is the question?

PS: Dont take me wrong. Just wanted to express my view, thats all. Nothing to counter your view or anything.
Happy birthday hope you get spoilt rotten with figures
samkaizoku (9小時前) #29920986HAHA! I can't believe I sold him just a couple of weeks ago xD I might have to buy him... again lol
Depending on how it looks with the final photos maybe xD
I legit had my up for sale too but now maybe ill keep him xD
shilka (15小時前) #29903920Really looking forward to getting mine now!

[ext link ]

another set of photos! she looks real great! I just placed order too lol
So much cuteness! I really like the style of those Love Live figures, so adorable.
So much cuteness! I really like the style of those Love Live figures, so adorable.
that little fuzzy dear is even cuter than the figure to me ;u; so adorable >u<
7小時前RedCloudRedCloud Alibaka
She looks so good!
7小時前FatalReticenceFatalReticence JSMT~ ♥
Thacchi (14小時前) #29904951Hello... I hope it's not too late to ask a question.
Are you satisfied with the hand-painted or do you think buying an airbrush would be worth it instead? I plan to make a custom but can't seem to find anyone who already owns an airbrush, so I'm getting unsure here... :(

Hi, using an airbrush will look more professional but I personally think hand-painting looks fine on its own since Nendoroids tend to have more simple paint jobs. If you want to add some shading, a cheaper option than an airbrush would be to use chalk pastels and a soft brush. I think an airbrush would be a good investment though if you plan to make lots of customs, garage kits, etc in the future.
homu homu
I love you
Selling for $150 open box, never displayed. Free shipping in the US. PM me.

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