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I got a spare Kashuu & Mikazuki wood strap if anyone's interested.

Please PM
Yowenflury (8小時前) #25017792I don't really understand the purpose of this kind of message ...
First thing first, do you really think that collecting Anime figures it's the only aspect of your life that your family are "accepting" even if they don't understand why are you doing it or even if they oppose to it? You are not perfect and I AM MORE THAN Sure that you have a lot of defects that you should focus more than having this hobby or collecting porn plastic Anime girls.
That's the essence of living with others. Nobody is perfect... Everyone have weird tastes, weird mindset, weird hobbies, and accepting others defects its one of the most important aspect of living in a society.
You have the wrong focus. You shouldn't ask yourself if collecting Anime porn girls its correct or not.... YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF IF YOU ARE LIVING AS A GOOD DAUGHTER and sister for your family .
You could have the most respectable hobbies, the most successful mindset, but if you are disrespectful, mean, egoíst and shitty to your family... Believe me that you will be More than rejected.
The same happens in the opposite... You could love to collect porn figures, hentai posters, and having 300 terabytes of porn videos in your pc but if you are kind, gentle, considerate, always thinking for your family wellness. They couldn't be more than happy to give your all their support and love.
You should change your mindset. You tell us your age trying to act like a grown up human being who should have another mature hobbies but your mindset it's still inmature if you ask me.

Dude, believe me. I'm a modeled (ed intended) girl. I always listened to my parents. Never went wild in my youth, and was always acting responsible. Even if didn't wanted to I did. I think the issue started with my sister coming out and telling me she was worried about me. About how much space my love for games,anime, tv and internet took in my life, particulary my social one. I'm not scared that I'm not a good daughter and not be loved by my family. I'm scared that I lost sight of reality and the reality of how I've been living and THAT would affect my family.

I think I expressed myself wrongly or maybe not you choose.
I'm very sorry you had to go through such a situation! To me it sounds like your mother doesn't know how much this figure means to you. She just saw the underwear and seemingly overreacted. Try to talk to her and explain your feelings, that you were hurt by her words, maybe tell her that you didn't intend to display the figure in this way anyway and that you appreciate it for different reasons (at least that's what I get from your text).

And as much as I agree with the others saying that at the age of 25 you can do whatever you desire, you still live with your mother / parents and it's their house (?!), so basically they can decide what they want to have / see at their home. Just saying ...

I hope you can solve the situation and in the end can happily display your Shimakaze!
This is an unfortunate situation, but while you live in someone else's home, you are obligated to follow their rules. If they have a rule that they don't want this sort of item in their home, and you can't overturn that with a discussion, you have no choice but to sell the item or to move out.
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I suppose all I can offer is this - I don't particularly think I own any NSFW figures (I own one shirtless Kaworu Nagisa, but that's about it), and I have a fair collection too. My family don't really care what I do or don't do, and my friends are primarily into anime (but don't collect figures), so there's little in the way of problems there. I don't think I'll ever go down the rabbithole of owning NSFW figures, but my advice is this: Your hobbies are your own, and the best thing you can do is to think about it and do what's best for you. I know that may seem like an empty sentiment, but it helped me come to terms with it, and I hope it helps you too ^_^
Svan (9小時前) #25015501Curious, don't you see the caption under the photo, or the figure link on right ?
If not, it's Mystery Warden Spinaria from Kotobukiya, with Stardust from Myethos. ;)

Got it thanks
shirokuma (18小時前) #25002386I can’t seem to find the right way to express what I want to say at the moment (it’s 4 AM here lol), but you know that term “social lubricant”? People are usually referring to alcohol or something similar, but I’m just thinking of certain things that people do, or say, or certain ways they act, that just kind of “lubricates” social interactions… e.g., little white lies, a non-committal nod to something someone said (even if you don’t agree) just to avoid confrontation, “let’s keep in touch” when you both know it won’t happen… yeah. Things like that.
I think that even if you’ve learned to be confident in your own skin, values, thoughts, hobbies, etc., and are generally proud of the person you are, and even if you’ve mastered how to crush the tendency to be concerned with how others view you to the smallest degree, sometimes it’s just a question of whether you would prefer to keep the social lubricant flowing, so-to-speak. Because niche hobbies, especially if they’re kind of in your face and involve displaying NSFW figures, tend to break the natural flow of things and put some people less at ease. Usually it just requires some explaining and people are totally cool with it. But I think depending on the people in your life or your living situation or whatever, sometimes it’s just not worth all the explaining, or feeling awkward, or even just the feeling of needing to explain to others about certain things like your hobbies/possessions. People can say “live your life the way you want!” or “just don’t bring people into your room!” or whatever, but we all know that’s not always realistic. And I mean, oftentimes it’s not really even that other people think it’s a big deal or really strange or whatever, but YOU clearly feel uneasy owning or wanting to own certain figures. So I think it’s really just a matter of you seeing whether it’s worth it. Whether your desire to own these figures is worth any strange awkwardness or tension in your relationships with your family/friends (even if it’s just perceived awkwardness and tension on your side).
To answer your question though I really usually just DGAF and do what I want. My family and anyone who knows about this particular hobby of mine (I have so many hobbies) know that I’m artistically-inclined and don’t look too much into me having any figures which might be more revealing. I’ve owned some more NSFW figures and have sold many of them because even though I appreciated their beauty I just felt that they were unnecessarily making a statement by me displaying them. It's kind of a whole mix of things, probably a bit of that social lubricant thing I was talking about where I didn't feel like I wanted to have to continually explain owning them to other people, and also I mainly didn't really feel like they reflected who I am as a person by having a place in my room, which I think a living space should. Not everything you enjoy needs to be on display.
I think it's late and I just start rambling and can't stop when I don't have all of my faculties... I'm sorry if this is too long or doesn't make any sense.

This "social lubricant" is also a good way for us to function correctly in a societal environnement. Like many (not in the comments) say. It's not always me,myself and I.We establish societal norm and societal behavior so we, as a society, can function with literaly anyone.

Yes, if I was alone, I would be fine with collecting whatever I want. But the reality is that I live with other people that have perception and thoughts different than mine. My parents didn't wanted to understand why I think X anime is better than X show on tv. For them, it's children cartoon. But, our medias are starting to cover conventions each years and show many "normal and functionning" adults sharing the same passion as me. They are old folks, so they still view nerd/geeky people like the old stereotype (you know the one). I don't want them to hink I'm the stereotype, I want them to think I can like those and be a good functionning adult.

TLDR:I'm lazy and I don't want to explain why I like it and why they should believe I'm asocialy functionnal adult with no issue whatsoever.
Awesome collection! I've been eyeing up that Medicine Seller figure since I saw it coming out. I regret not pre-ordering him because the more I see photos of him, the more I want him ;___;

Your collection definitely kick's mine's butt, at least in the figure department. I might have you on the keychain/strap front though because I'm an addict, haha. <3
yuuki_mafc (4小時前) #25024802I haven't collected a dakimakura yet, I don't know who Misaki Kurehito is (name does ring a bell somewhere) - but I'm wiling to bet it certainly something that looks fantastic. Do post a pic if it ever arrives - I'd be curiously interested! My first dakimakura is definitely going to be ecchi! I'll probably have it hung up on a wall or something - don't have a hugging pillow nor do I have a need for one :|
I think its a wonderful hobby you have got going and quitting over this isn't really a sound solution. Perhaps take a break from ordering anything for the next little bit and then come back to it.
Depending on where about you are located, I'd be happy order for you and then have the stuff shipped to my office if shipping to you is an issue.
As for the cost shipping your important docs - couple things come to mind as to why the shipping charges are high:
1) Expedited costs a lot
2) Depending on the country you ship to, shipping can cost more
3) Shipping is not just based on size but also weight. You can have a huge box ship out for the same cost as a smaller package but they both weigh the same and vice versa
On a side note, I run a non-profit anime club in Mississauga, if you are interested in joining PM me and I'll fill you in ;)

Well, I can see that you have Katou Megumi by Aniplex in your hunting list. Misaki Kurehito is the illustrator of that figure's original art. Many SkyTube's NSFW figures are also based on his illustrations. He is also the illustrator of Saekano Series and one of the founders of a circle called Cradle.

As long as there's Katou Megumi's figure I won't quit completely, but that means I won't be collecting any other stuff beside hers.

Well shipping isn't the issue here. It's Canada Post. You might not have encountered a lot of problem with them but I have. Parcels delayed indefinitely or arrived damaged. (Thanks to AmiAmi's wonderful packaging, nothing inside was damaged, even though cardboard box looked like shit when it arrived.) And that happened a few times already.

And they used to knock on the door and now all they do is to stick a paper-slip on your door to tell you to pick up tomorrow. Not that I needed them desperately but still, do you JOB. You are supposed to KNOCK or RING the bell. I live close to Canada Post, so that isn't a big problem to me but what if I lived far away from Canada Post? I have to spend an hour or two to go there just to pick up a parcel every time they do that. Seriously, the decline in Canada Post is the main reason why I wanna quit this hobby.

I understand that expedited could cost more, but I don't think this justifies Canada Post to "OVERCHARGE" us. I mean, it's literally only a few pieces of paper to Taiwan (yes, Taiwan is my home country), and Canada Post charges you for $30-40 cads for 1 week(estimated time) delivery. Then I found another shipping company (forgot the name, maybe DHL?), who only charged me $10-12 cad for 1-2 week (estimated time) delivery. Dude that's like triple...

Thanks for the invitation but I live in Vancouver, BC. Missusaga is quite far away from here XD
chiyuun (6小時前) #25021173most of my things comes from suruga-ya and yahoo auctions! you need to use proxies for them tho. you can use forwarding on suruga-ya but you need to know where to click and what to write! there's a good blog post about how you do it yourself and i can link it to you if you want :)
That would be great thank you :,) [although I don't even know what forwarding is lmao]
kuma-tori (17小時前) #25003257My point of view is a little like yours. We both seem to give to much attention to what others think about our hobby and most importantly, what they think about us. That's not how it should be, but we can't change over night.
I have a similar problem with whether to buy or not to buy (mfc link). I liked the design ingame already and it's not even meant in a sexual way. The outfit just suits her and her strong personality. "Right. Personality." That's the comment I expect from people that see this beauty in my room. My parents probably would look at me weird even though the know I'm gay and into boys.
Maybe we'll both give in eventually and learn to not give a damn what others think and simply do what we like to do. :)

I will admit. The first time I saw Anne's design I told myself "They better come with a good character for me to forgive that" and they did. She's not the best out of the game but she's far worse than other jrps I played. But, I still don't want to explain why I bought a japanese teenager in a thigh red leather suit with a whip in her hand.

Heldrik (16小時前) #25004568You talk about "bad sexual behavior". That's kinda extreme , don't you think? It's not like you're fawning about how they're far superior to real persons or planning to do nasty things with those figures, right? So take it easy, girl, you're not a pervert.
Also, you should try to make up your mind. Either fully embrace the hobby and the fact that you love buying figures, be they innocent or not that much, or stay away from figures that hurt your chaste soul, but you have to make a choice. I know it's easiuer said than done, and that it can take quite a lot of time, but you can do it, lass.

Said like that yeah, bad sexual behavior is kind of extreme. I think it's a remnant of my fear about Dating Sims and Dakimura. They feel so wrong for an obscure reason. If it's your stroke, that's fine. But I still feel weird about those people that lose themselves into this. I think I'm confusing my fear to step into a boundary that I shouldn't cross and embarassement over a thing that can be confused for it to the common eye.

riringo (13小時前) #25007466Yes, you should definitely buy what you like, however if the sexual aspect makes you uncomfortable in some way that should also be seriously considered as maybe you shouldn't buy it. You can always get them when you're ready. This is a hobby for fun and you shouldn't feel pressured to go one way or the other. Enjoy it at your own pace!
Ahaha. Thanks. True, people sells their figures all the time and there is just so much of them. They will still be available 10 years down the line.

Dribz (8小時前) #25017066My question regarding this is - do you want to change that mindset about yourself? Do you want to continue onward feeling ashamed and wanting to hide this thing that you love? If the answer is anything other than no, nothing anyone says to this post can really help you. But I would guess that because you're posting all this, you don't really like that you feel embarrassed or ashamed, so you're looking for ways to overcome that.
You don't want to hear people tell you "stop worrying what others think," but that's precisely what you need to do. Figure out how you really feel about yourself and your interests. You've titled this post "I don't have enough courage," so I've got to guess that means you want to have more.
I guess I'm just trying to say that I display all my figures out in the open and I have no fear or concern about what anyone thinks of them. That's the way to live if you ask me, and if you're ashamed or embarrassed, there are deeper things going on than your hobby that should probably be addressed or you're never going to truly enjoy much of anything.

I really admire people who genuinely go around with a "I don't care about what you think attitude" without being horrible persons. Yes I want to change my mindset, though it's very hard. I'm starting to come at terms with what I like. Maybe I should listen to the guy above and move at my own snail pace, but it would be my pace. Baby steps everyone.
That's really awesome! Thanks for the tutorial :)
doomburger22 (5天前) #24830701Release pushed to September. This isn't JUST a simple tri-color figure... no sir, it's wayyy complicated.

i'm so sad over it Dx hope she comes in September
3小時前 (3小時前)ipwnboyzipwnboyz (~‾▿‾)~
It contains 38 pages of artwork, all CGs from both games (LOTS of them), and characters profile.
3小時前 (3小時前)PinokkioPinokkio Want to be free!
Try to give yourself some time to calm down, and make the decision then, if you want to sell or keep. I don't know how your mother is, try to tell her how you feel.

Maybe your father can help(advise) by explaining how your situation is at it moment.

Enjoy your hobby :)
3小時前 (3小時前)Jojo_StarJojo_Star
The collector's edition will cost about 140 $...
This figure will be available in the future for about 50 $. It's not worth it.
The game is cool if you like 2D fighting games tho.
3小時前 (3小時前)StacycmcStacycmc
I mean WTF is up UC? First you make this "1/8" figure a GIANT in comparison to other 1/8 figures then you roll out Owari no Seraph figs in piddly 1/10 scale so like babies compared to my other figures (yet the prices are right up with the larger figs). How about just aiming for 1/8 figures ass holes?!!

Having said that the UC stuff is pretty sweet looking though...too bad their damn sizing is all of the place. I'd get their version because I think they did a better job on his hair, but I want to sit him beside Hijikata and Shizou...my smokers, but if he's 2 feet taller that would just look dumb now wouldn't it.


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