agentmozell (10個月前) #16689261Selling MULTIPLE from this set for 7 USD each. No matter how many you buy shipping is 3 USD FLAT DOMESTICALLY. I can fit up to three posters in a box. boxes are limited as I have more posters than boxes
Posters have no damages! Boxes may have minor damage. Message me for details. ♥

Hi! i know this is super late but are you still selling?
Not a lot going on but the pose is so lewd! Knees on the ground...
1,15 meters?

Shipping costs anyone?

Maybe I should say trucking company anyone!
3小時前Lepetit89Lepetit89 Eastern Library
rubyserpent_720 (4天前) #27119267I sort of understand how you feel and salute your dedication for adding all the database entries. I have around 500 doujins sitting around and most are from fandoms I bought at the height of their popularity and since then I have lost interest in their contents. I feel bad about the amount of money that went into the books that could've been put into better use (eg figures) but at the end of the day that applies to all collections.
Wishing you best of luck in your sales and your new goal :)

It definitely does apply to a lot collections, but if you have that much sitting around, you can definitely try selling them - you'd be surprised how easy it can be to sell a few books, which also has the positive side effect of freeing up room while filling your pockets. Either way, best of luck, whatever you decide on, and thank you!
These look a lot heavier than they actually are. I'd wear these everyday if I owned more collared shirts~
High detail. One of the best figures I own. Her right thumb is really hard to get into her hand so I haven't been able to get her to hold her sword.
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The-Hurricane (3天前) #27185680View spoilerHide spoilerLol, at least I'm not alone in having a collection that is overwhelmingly porn.
I firmly believe that's what doujinshi is primarily bought for anyway.
As an interesting side note though (perhaps more of a ramble, sorry!), I find it kind of funny how involved and interesting some of the so called "plotless smut" doujinshi can be.
One of my absolute favourite doujins involves a sort of "continuation" of a plot line from the series it's from. No mistake, there's (decently) graphic sex in there, but I swear the story feels like it was ripped right from "behind the scenes" if you will. Even the sex is woven into the story line, the characters and their motivations and just how screwed up, loving and co-dependent this particular pairing is (they're one of the only pairings my massive angst-aversion seems to have mysteriously skipped over).
I'd say 98% of the smut collection is just that, smut, with paper thin plot lines ("oh look, I found an aphrodisiac and I drank it, what ever could go wrong?", "let's watch a movie together ~alone~, I wonder what will happen?", so on and so forth), but I'm always pleasantly surprised to find a doujin that crafts an actual, thoughtful story in addition to the pornographic payoff we're all looking for.

It definitely is the first thing people think about when they hear "Doujinshi", so it's not all that surprising. I agree on some plots being interesting, though; there are even books where I'm not sure if the pornography was even supposed to be the focus since the story was so good, though the pornographic content takes second place as far as the page are concerned for those ones.

Great to meet someone who appreciates decent storylines, though!
Ose_93 (3小時前) #27309360Gosh, gg AmiAmi for putting the same item in twice. It's good that there seemed to be more of a variation in this one, instead of most of the items being Osomatsu. Though they still stuck some in there for you, haha.

I was prepared for 25% of this box being Osomatsu, so I was happily surprised to see the box toning down on that franchise, lol!

And I'm pretty sure the double item was a mistake, so I don't think it has replaced what would otherwise have been an 'actual' item in the box. So I don't mind. ^^ I actually think this is one of my better girls boxes except for Eren whydoesthisfigurekeeponcoming.

solluxcaptor (3小時前) #27309620This is a crazy amount of items for a small box (especially considering some of the bigger items like a whole trading card box and plush), Amiami really do give you value for your money in these I think. Especially if you like all of the series.

To me it feels like every time I open up a new Small Girls' box, the value of the items is getting bigger?? Not that I am complaining though!
3小時前Lepetit89Lepetit89 Eastern Library
Maakie (2天前) #27228571I can relate to this a lot, as someone that has spend the last almost 1,5 years digging through a huge collection, wanting to have something more specific. I have limited myself to 3 main franchises and 5 side-franchises, but I still find it very hard to get rid of certain items not fitting this criteria, so I salute you for that! Maybe one day my collection will also be limited to only 1 franchise. Or maybe I can get myself to drop the side-franchises...

Completely dropping some things is definitely difficult; for me, it's difficult enough to get rid of things in general, but when they're from a series I actually liked? Yep, I get why you're hesitating.

For me, it's mostly a matter of weighing whether I like that one series so much more than all other series combined - and that's the case. If it's not for you, then I think you shouldn't push yourself, unless, of course, you feel pressured to stay up-to-date with all series, causing financial issues; then you definitely need to prioritize. Best of luck finding the right answer for yourself!
If you ever get a chance to grab one of these covers, do it. This is probably the softest pillow case I've ever had in my life.
I'm trading or selling this item! Please PM me If you are interested in buying or trading! (I actually prefer to sell them separately, but as a set is also possible!)
Hey guys,there's one of these lil' fellas up on AmiAmi preowned (A/B) for 980 JPY ~ [ext link ]
This is a crazy amount of items for a small box (especially considering some of the bigger items like a whole trading card box and plush), Amiami really do give you value for your money in these I think. Especially if you like all of the series.
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View spoilerHide spoilerkakanaru (4天前) #27117185I reached the same conclusion you did, except it took about 30 doujinshi and not... however many you have on that bookshelf. I realised that I ended up with some additions to my collection I could live without, and I should only be buying doujinshi I really really liked. It really does feel like a waste when you amass significant amounts of doujinshi that you don’t quite enjoy but don’t have the heart to get rid of... but ugh they take up so much space you can’t ignore them. (I have a much smaller bookshelf than you, which my books, manga and doujinshi share.) I don’t have any grand ambitions to index a whole series’ worth of doujinshi but I have one artist whose works I’m devoted to collecting despite long falling out of the fandom because she’s my absolute favourite artist and storyteller.

Oh, congratulations on finding something you can focus on like that! It's definitely true what you're saying, the space my collection requires is definitely once of the major reasons why I haven't moved to a less quiet place since I've got a lot of space here at a comparably cheap rent.

However, if your ambitions don't even require you to get all that much stuff, all the better; as long as you're happy with it, it's perfect, I think.
As most people have said her box is really huge, also some things that caught my attention: both removable breastplates are holded by magnets, her cape and helmet aren't removable as expected (due to the design itself), overall it's a pretty solid design, for around 15k(which is her price nowadays) it's quite a good deal considering how detailed and large this design is, I'm very happy with her so far.
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blackmoongirl (4天前) #27116170Quick question: can you actually read Japanese? I just get 'em to enjoy the art, and I can get the jist of the story. >3>;;

In a lot of cases, the art is definitely sufficient, but as hopelessly bland as some of the dialogues are, I think they do add something.
Generally though, I can understand most of what I read, whether it's pornographic or non-pornographic content. If I can't understand something, all the better, only adds to the vocabulary learned.
Gosh, gg AmiAmi for putting the same item in twice. It's good that there seemed to be more of a variation in this one, instead of most of the items being Osomatsu. Though they still stuck some in there for you, haha.
shilka (4小時前) #27307300I wonder why almost every single Fate figure this year has been delayed?

its a mix of companies not preparing accordingly to the demand and complications on the manufacturing process. Most figures by this company get delayed so its not surprising
Hi! Thanks for the FR ^^

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