Maakie (3小時前) #27309929I was prepared for 25% of this box being Osomatsu, so I was happily surprised to see the box toning down on that franchise, lol!
And I'm pretty sure the double item was a mistake, so I don't think it has replaced what would otherwise have been an 'actual' item in the box. So I don't mind. ^^ I actually think this is one of my better girls boxes except for Eren whydoesthisfigurekeeponcoming.

Ugh, I'm so sorry about that, I got Levi in my box.

I thought that I would be safe since I saw that people had gotten those in the last batch of AmiAmi Grab Boxes BUT NOPE THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO GO AROUND. XD

Thanks for the friend request! Good to see another Ogeretsu Tanaka fan. I loved Escape Journey, the art is so beautiful.

How far along are you in Skip Beat? I'm waiting for a few chapters to update so I have a few to read at once, haha.
nyankosensei94 (3小時前) #27308827Does J-world count as the manufacturer? I didn't select it because it wasn't in the list and rules said I could get banned for creating a new label.
Edit: It's from "J-world limited" to be precise. Should I add that myself, despite not being in the list?

Manufacturer info is required, so in future don't add until you have it. If you need help figuring out details of an item, you can ask in (mfc link), or club #828 for help on adding things to the database

Tip: search for similar entries on MFC. Searching for J-World resulted in plenty of '____ in J-World Tokyo' (from the autocomplete dropdown thingy), which should hint that it's not a manufacturer. Take a look at the relevant entries and see what manufacturer they all have in common :)
2小時前gundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Welcome to the board smoo! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
2小時前Lepetit89Lepetit89 Eastern Library
yaiba (5天前) #27107717Finding a niche to specialize in is one evolution of collecting. I personally collect petit-style figures.
If you want to give more meaning to your books, you could try writing reviews about specific titles, mangaka, or circles. I've found that summarizing what I like (or dislike) about something helps to refine what I want to collect as well. It also allows the book to become more than just something lined up on your shelf.
That's a lot of doujin. For my part, I've just completed collecting a set of "Black Albums" by ideolo.

That's definitely an interesting idea, though I'd probably have too much trouble to decide on what to write about it. Still, it's not a bad idea to find a purpose for them beyond reading or lining them up in the shelf.

And good taste, by the way! Those are nice artbooks.
She's a big figure, not a lot of 1/4.5 scale around. Busty. Tan skin. Confident pose. Love it.
Really like the tan skin and glossy finish. The hat is hard to keep on.
Huge! Her head to bust ratio is outrageous. This is the kind of figure I like. Confident pose and big tits.
2小時前 (2小時前)Valestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
LovelyIdiot (14小時前) #27289989Ahh memories, I think it was 2 times over the course of 4 months? I miss the drama.

Oh. You know, I don't even remember that we'll anymore lol I know it was announced q4 2014 and everyone started getting hyped. then by supposedly March or August we'd get it but then it was released on September.

Also, the "missing" blushing faces lmao But in everyone's defense, the blush was so subtle it might as well not be there! In the prototype, it was clearly visible. All those extra Lucina faces in GSC vault just sitting there haha
mm wonder what this secret is.. but ugh the box comes with only 6, meaning there's a chance that one of the regular releases will be replaced with the secret? Ughhhh I loved Re-ment for not doing blind box shit like this if you bought a full box, but this one breaks that good trend. planning on just one box of this anyway, I'll just care less if I don't get certain ones, and I'll start caring even less if re-ment moves forward with more "Secrets" and blind box catches...
3小時前 (3小時前)h-maniah-mania
Bloempje (14小時前) #27290431Gefeliciteerd ^^

Bedankt!! Tis pas morgen officieel, maar ik waardeer de gedachte!!
cryingtrash (14小時前) #27290225Happy birthday!!

Thank you so much, but in Holland it's still the 17th so my bday is tomorrow ^^

But I really appreciate your thought, thank you!
She just came in today and I really like her figure. I honestly hope Android 21 and Buu Saga Bulma get a figure like this.
Fick hem min GSC Sakura nyligen, så mina pengar har mest gått till den och tull på 681:- ; ___ ;
East (8小時前) #27297374oh I think I figured it out, her normal face isn't very cute and round maybe? she looks really innocent in-game and I think it's lost on this. I really love the base so I guess I can't complain about no accessories (though an Ingway would've made sense?)
Yeah I was going to comment on how her face seemed a tiny bit off.

I think it might be the eyes. They look kind of strange to me when you look at her face directly from the front. But then again, we never really get to see her from that angle in-game, certainly not from the side-view sprites.

Considering that I think this is the best they can do.

Still preordered.
Oathandrage (1天前) #27234901??? theres a lot of plot the only thing the anime did they shouldn't have was add in the brother and sister. they are anime only characters however the first part of the series is leonardo not only finding himself but accepting his powers... the first season was him running away from who he is bc of guilt and his feeling of uselessness in the world at hand . I believe my biggest problem with the series was its episodic nature. Usually I don't mind that if there is an overarching story line so to say, but with Kekkai Sensen I could see no such thing. Sure the brother sister thing was there in the final episodes but they seemed do randomly pop up here and there. It just wasn't my series.
I love that he's in his prince outfit lol

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