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Chloe-tsundere (3年前) #2066041Gaius x olivia theyre rlly cute together :)

I actually didnt know hair color could vhange xD i just played and went with the flow..

I just got cherche .. I think i will match her with stahl ^^ at first i wanted lissa x stahl but theyre pretty boring tigether so lissa x kallum

And yes basically all about pies.. A lot of them seem to have supports with baking involved.. Gaius too and lissa .. O.o

Tharya x lon'qu is my fav for now what i thought would happen happened so ^^

Cordelia x Donnel is quite an interesting match a bit funny actually View spoilerHide spoiler theyre writing pros and cons about each other and then end up liking each other lol

Btw she never mentioned Chrom in my match..

Tharya does mention the avatars name about stalking him and giving up on that lol

Yeah they were about pies as well and having Gaius try out baking was a bit random but overall I liked it better than Chrom and Sumia's. I think in the Japanese version instead of pies it was about rice balls? Mhmm, the kids take after their father's hair colour. Cordelia and Donnel sound all right then despite the hostility I'm imagining from that description :P

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