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WindsorSeven (3年前)LOL. His epilogue is the reason I got him Panne. I had to decide between him and a handful of others, but I just couldn't forget that damn epilogue. There aren't enough girls in the game :/ I wanted to get all the guys married.
Oh yeah I forgot when you play with a male avatar, 2 male characters end up single LOL. I actually think Robin's support with Kellam is super cute and that's the only epilogue where he isn't forgotten... but there are so many choices fighting for my attention already with both Robins so he'll remain alone or forgotten forever. (/w\) I have nothing against Kellam I swear

Chloe-tsundere (3年前) #2057258i think as a girl avatar I will marry lon'qu but im now a male avatar so I think I will go with Tharya and match lon'qu with nowi or one of the healers , Lissi or Maribelle ( i rlly like Maribelle O.O so might marry her later too XD )
I would hifive you if I could. You just listed my 3 favourite supports for LQ and you like Hector/Lyn. :D

I'll have to play Blazing Sword again. My memory is a bit hazy about the other characters but I remember liking Sain/Priscilla a lot as a kid. Sacred Stones I remember even less.

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