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地點 netherlan...

since so many discussed the awakening pairings I want to break that lol

I rlly loved the pairing of Haar and Jill (obviously from my avatar)

and I love the pairing of Eliwood and Ninian theyre so adorable <3

and Lynn and Hector also quite nice tho I heard Fiona is a possible match too so might try that out as well but she kept dieing -.- lol

from awakening.. well im still playing so im reading all your views XD

i think as a girl avatar I will marry lon'qu but im now a male avatar so I think I will go with Tharya and match lon'qu with nowi or one of the healers , Lissi or Maribelle ( i rlly like Maribelle O.O so might marry her later too XD )

too many options I rlly cant choose XD

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