iDo you make videos of your figure collection ?n/a

I made one because multiple requested it it to me years ago!

Maybe I will shoot one again once i have my full collection on display again. :)
I've actually watched your videos before I enjoy them quite a bit. I enjoyed seeing your collection. I am thinking of doing something similar just to see how much my collection has grown.
I like the background you used in your video. Reading your post, I thought that you would also show your entire display, cases and such.

I never made video of my display, but I always do take pictures of my collection. I have a standard routine of taking photographs when I get a new item. Until now most are for personal use, but I still have hundreds, maybe thousands of figure/merchandise photos that I can upload on here and/or my Flickr. I'm also still planning on photoshopping some pictures, since I do like figure photography. Basically I have to get my photograph collection in order.
Just for personal use I take some videos and a lot of pictures of my collection and of individual figures. About 1/3 of my collection is at my family's place in Tokyo while the other 2/3 is in the U.S. where I currently live so the videos/pictures helps me to enjoy all of my collection even while away.

I'm finally moving back to Tokyo this summer so I'm happy that my separated figure collection will be united :D
011天前 (11天前)homumitchellihomumitchelli
Occasionally I'll take videos of small parts of my collection, but there's always some gimmick involved, like putting headphones with music playing over item #140907's head. It's just silly stuff for friends to see whenever I happen to get the idea.

As far as tours of my collection, my rooms have never been good enough to confidently display in video form, but when I move I plan to make a super-room for all my collection, and THEN I'll make a tour for my friends to marvel at.
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I've considered it but in the end I always decided I was to lazy and felt I wouldn't be able to make non cringe worthy content. xD