iGarage Kit Gallery: 1/5 Super Sailor Chibi Moonn/a

❣ Garage Kit Commission
❣ 1/5 Super Sailor Chibi Moon

❣ Assembled and Painted by: ImHisEternalAngel
❣ Website Link: Coming Soon

❣ Disclaimer:
Feel free to share as long as it is my original post, do not re-upload / distribute without my permission.

❣❣❣ Scroll to the bottom to view the modifications to this kit ❣❣❣



❣ Description: Man, this kit has been hell and back with me for the last 5 or so months with everything that was going on with my life this year...moving, the loss of me and my fiances jobs, basement flooding and this commission being drenched; but thankfully was saved, fitting issues after assembly, motivational issues, god the list goes on. But, in the end so happy I could finally take photos ;___; I still can't seem to catch skin tone right on my editing software, but its a light pale peach with faint pink shading as the shadows =3

❣ Modifications:
- Eyelashes carefully attached curved, formed, one by one and cut to length @_@; Eyes glossed.
- Custom base with added weight distribution so we could put a larger weighted figure on a smaller base for display purposes.
- Added broach gems instead of painting over resin hearts.
- Added stars, hearts, circle gems to weapon. Custom base design with two toned paint accents of pink and blue with 2 different forms of glitter.
- Gold edge is painted.
- Crystals shift in the light to appear rainbow-like but not visible in photos, crushed a few shards to get the form they are sinking. Lightly painted the base of the crystals a translucent pink to add a bit of color.
- Base sealed in Enamel UV Protected Gloss.
- Overall paint scheme is custom to fit the clients needs. Hair similar to artwork refs and fuku more cloth like approach and not pearlized aside from the pink.
- This kit has the option to choose a bow that is opaque or clear resin, we painted both in two themes as a bonus for display purposes.

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Lolimai (11天前) #22276217
Thank you.
I can explain my best =)

We went though several repainting stages to achieve colors they liked best. Hmm, from what I can remember, I sprayed a white acrylic base, then mixed two different pearlescent colors which as white pearl and pink pearl to get just a darker shade more than her hair color (some pics look might brighter due to my bad editing lol) once I built up the color, I heat treated it (since the airbrush paint pearl colors I used need heat to cure) I sealed in enamel to maintain the shine =3

Shaolan-kun (11天前) #22251063Great job! She's beautiful, and all the little details are stunning.
May I ask you how did you create the pearlescent effect on the pink parts of the uniform?
This is absolutely beautifully done. Your client is very lucky to get to display this gorgeous work of art in their home!
This is really beautiful! I admire your clean lines and artistic choices concerning the kit. If I were the client, I'd be over the moon!
Great job! She's beautiful, and all the little details are stunning.
May I ask you how did you create the pearlescent effect on the pink parts of the uniform?
This is amazing! She looks so beautiful *__*
112天前KirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
wow this is pretty <3
Hey I feel ya =D That's why we painted both bow versions for extra display options ;D <3
Dschii (12天前) #22232467Gotta say, I love her face and her base. Really nice idea with the crystals and well executed. I definitely prefer the white back bow though X).
Aww thank you! <3
Piichuka (12天前) #22233961woah, this looks incredible, and that base is gorgeous!! and the eyelashes aahhh yesss sooo cuuuteee
she looks totally flawless, amazing job!
Thx bro! <3

Fate_of_a_Saber (12天前) #22234120Very nicely done great work!




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