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Hello MFC!
Its Leah back with a question.
So I wanted to ask why do you collect figures?

I also wanted to ask whether there are any collectors who buy purely for aesthetic and do not care who the character is or what they are from.

I am genuinely interested and would love to hear your responses.

I collect from shows I love and am trying to stick to specific themes. My current main areas of interest are Ikki Tousen, To Love Ru, Samurai Girls, Super Sonico, Rosario Vampire and building a male shelf. I do want to build up my High school dxd section a lot as I currently own 1 Rias figure,

So anyway feel free to comment :)

What do you collect?

  • 55.45%
    Figures from my favourite shows
  • 3.18%
    A figure from each show I like
  • 29.55%
    Any figure that looks nice
  • 0.91%
    NSFW only fiures
  • 7.27%
    Good Quality Scale figures
  • 3.64%
  • Dolls only
  • Figma only

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021小時前 (21小時前)RajkeRajke
Started with price figures but now i collect mostly scales. Besides that i like Figma's and i'm currently checking out the Cu-Poche and Nendoroid to see if they can keep my interests for a longer time. Personally i like to collect figures from different characters and series and i would buy a figure of a character or serie i know nothing about.
The reason why i collect them is very easy: I like them, the variation, colors and the most important reason i'm not getting tired of collecting them.

leahemilylarkin1Ikki Tousen, To Love Ru, Rosario Vampire, High school dxd
You've got some good taste.
My wallet telling me no. But my body, my body telling me yes. That aside. I collect figures just because of how some figures are able to catch your attention. The details in many figures are just soo amazing and are able to almost bring the figures to life. Though I like a lot of figures I suck at doing self pose...so I don't collect any figmas or nendroids. I get really envious of the people who can do amazing work with how they display their figmas and nendroids on here.
I collect because it makes me happy. Looking at my collection, surrounding myself with creativity and taking photos (of figures specifically) is fun and gives me a nice sense of fulfillment. My main rule for figures is to only get those I either find especially aesthetically pleasing or artistic and / or if I have a special emotional attachment to the character (or whatever it might be). This way I keep my collection small and limited to only the figures I truly enjoy.
I started with figmas,then nendos and then prize figures. Hoping to get Scale figures too.

One day...
Because it feels exciting and satisfying when a parcel arrived at your home and you know it's yours.
Here's a good explanation for me: [ext link ] I stopped buying figures and moved on to invertebrates though. I have a scorpion, a few centipedes and I'm looking to get a tarantula soon.

Yeah I've bought some figures solely for aesthetic reasons. My main collection is K-ON! and Evangelion but the rest is just anything that tickles my fancy.
I didn't really get into anime until I was a freshman in college. It all started when I bought my first manga (which was Rosario Vampire) and my love for anime just exploded from there. I didn't start collecting figures until a year or so later. I really enjoy collecting figures, especially ones from my favorite shows. I do occasionally collect ones that I think are gorgeous, but not very often. They bring me so much joy! I enjoy waking up and looking at them every day. I am just so thankful and grateful that anime is a part of my life. I couldn't imagine life without it, especially without figures
12天前SunildattSunildatt Minatsuki Takami <3
I started collecting figures because it was the only way to get characters I love in physical form. Fast forward a few years later, things have been getting really rough for me. Like my other hobbies, viewing my vast and somewhat large figure collection calms me and keeps me going. My figures mean a lot to me and I always feel happy when I observe them. I don't want to speak for people but from what I have seen, we tend to feel for these figures as much more than just pieces of pretty plastic. We view them from their character's stand point and refer to them as he and she. Figure collecting is not only a hobby or a passion, it has turned into a lifestyle and it is a life that I am proud to be living, even though it has murdered my wallet -_-
I buy figures for their looks and don't care about origins much. I used to collect scales, now I'm mostly interested in figmas and sometimes prizes. Funny thing I noticed knowing the source doesn't inspire me to buy a figure but I've lost interest in some figures when I got to know the characters they represent.
I've always been a collector (TY when I was young) and video game collectors editions etc. when I got older. I had seen a few posted online and they looked really nice. Eventually I asked my brother for a discounted one for my birthday and I've been collecting since. Most of the money I save for entertainment now goes to scales or English translated volumes of LN/manga. I still play video games, but mostly ones I already have, or I buy massively discounted ones during Steam sales - I can wait for a seasonal sale before buying anything.

I started only getting one scale from a show that I liked, but I have since expanded to figures that I simply find aesthetically pleasing regardless of where they are from. Most of my figures are suitable for company, but I have a few cast off ones with item #236336 being the most explicit. She is one of the rare few where I like a figure enough to get, but I thought the anime was terrible. I knew of the figure before the show and watched it without realizing the connection and when I stumbled across her again I realized she was from a show I had just watched. Other than that, if I don't know the media a character is from I give it a try to see if I like it, if not I still am fine with the figure.




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