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I'm sure everyone here can agree that they have witnessed some kind of defect in their figures which led to a small or huge disappointment, as for me right now I've been hitting a major streak in bad luck and only have gotten defective figures.

Usually when we receive figures it's supposed to be a happy occasion especially pre-orders as figures we ordered months back finally arrived, but that hasn't been the case for me lately.

So to start off is the Nendoroid No Game No Life. Sadly both my Shiro and Sora Nendoroids had some major defect on it. With Shiro the crown on her hair had two broken pieces and I don't even know how that happened as the plastic is soft PVC, not to mention the item was safely packaged, and with Sora though this is partially my fault, the somewhat sticky tape that is now put on most Nendoroid releases to keep small parts in place was taped right unto Sora's bangs rather than the vinyl he was covered in and ripped the paint straight off the bangs when I took it off. Though I was able to recover from that event as GSC's awesome customer service was able to send me replacements for those parts, so it all ends well right? Not really.

Fast forward a few weeks and I get my Nendoroid Shielder/Mash Kyrielight and you guessed it, there's another defect. For this figure there was a defect I'm sure that none of you guys have ever had before. In the back there were 2 holes for putting in the peg for the stand. What the heck happened? It's like the machine that pierces these malfunctioned and pierced another hole slightly above the original one and made the 2 overlap. Whatever though GSC to the rescue again.

And we fast forward a few weeks again and I receive my Nendoroid Rem and Figma Gilgamesh, for the Nendoroid Rem the defect was small, two left legs rather receiving 1 from each side, a defect I'm sure a lot of people have been through so ok, but with Gilgamesh, oh man this figure was a piece of work.

For people that have the figure I'm sure you'd know, but as for mine the small ring on the shoulder pieces which connect to the arm was literally snapped and wasn't able to lock in place, but whatever it's no big deal, I'm sure GSC is tired of me asking for continuous replacement parts but their customer service is so excellent that they usually don't decline if it's a legitimate defect but oh man this part was not something that I could properly explain.

It seemed like my Figma Gilgamesh was missing something and didn't seem like the $95 figure I paid for and what do you know the entire second body part was missing. Dude like what the heck man. GSC I know that you guys are only human but how is it that you forget to put in an entire piece in this thing. Holy cow! But nevertheless I did contact GSC, I have yet to hear back from them but I'll see what happens.

And as a final farewell "defect" for the Re:zero Nendoroid straps I ordered which includes 7 different characters, I happened to get an extra Puck strap, and of course, of course the strap that got replaced is the Rem strap. Come on GSC! You could've misplaced it with Ram, Beatrice, Felt, or even Subaru but why Rem. So yeah these couple months have been a pretty big disappointment.

Though GSC has been kind enough to replace most of these defective parts, it just sucks to continuously receive defects after defects which got me thinking maybe I should take a couple months or years off from figure collecting like many people here are currently doing.

But yeah that's all for me, I apologize for the long post but I just had to get this off my chest. I hope everyone still has a great time collecting figures and don't end up in a streak where you continuously only get defective items

6 defective items over the course of 3 months
Maybe I should take a break from figure collecting
Hope everyone else has better luck than me. =)

EDIT: GSC has yet to get back to me but the online store I've been purchasing these items from did and they replied by saying they have no more Figma Gilgameshs in stock and can't offer an exchange as all purchases made are final and it goes against their policy.

Dang! This is pretty bogus since the store has plenty left in stock and not to mention I have a legitimate reason on why I want an exchange. Oh well I guess I'll purchase another one from AmiAmi while the prices aren't too high and give my figure collecting days a small break. T_T

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You've angered and been cursed by a swamp witch. It's the only answer.

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42天前 (2天前)mukyuumukyuu
I'd suggest going to a shaman and trying to get rid of that bad spirit through rituals of cleansing also draw a sigil on your room door with salt every full moon to prevent other spirits from bothering your collection.
If you're using Nippon Yasan...don't. Anymore. Seriously. I'm currently having major issues with them right now regarding a figure I paid a ton of money for that came defective.

If they don't make it right I'm writing up a big article all about it. But yeah, since that edit sounds like NY's modus operandi, just please take it from me, don't use them anymore. Search "Nippon Yasan review" and "Nippon Yasan scam" and you'll see a ton of similar stories, and the moment you go to Paypal they'll shut down your account and keep any pre-order money you have with them.
02天前 (2天前)StalgonoffStalgonoff
Sorry to hear about your issues. I've heard about a lot of difficulties with some nendos and figmas, but I don't own any articulated figures so I can't say from experience. My friend who owns them says they are annoying though.

I only collect scales and while I try and vet whether there are known issues with them, I often get ones off Mandarake so it's up to chance. So far I haven't been burned too badly. item #331681 arrived a few days ago and there is a noticeable paint flaw on her hair by her shoulder. It's not too big though so I can tolerate it. I was disappointed at first, but mellowing for a few days and reinspecting helped.
Thanks for all your comments everyone! It sucks that we have to deal with all this stress from figure collecting when it's supposed to be a fun little hobby to distract us from our usual stressful life. Also it seems like some people were misinterpreting my message but this is in no way a rant about GSC; sure it's a bummer that the QC is drastically getting worse but nevertheless they have great customer service and are always sending me replacements for defective pieces, but that said I still wish they would look over these more carefully as some defects are quite noticeable.
I recently went through something like this as well with my comet lucifer figure. One of the attachment pieces was broken and I agree it was disappointing however I am getting in contact with GSC ATM,but I completely understand the sentiment.
i actually bought a yoshino nendoroid from date a live and one of her ear joints was completely stuck in place facing the wrong way, in my efforst to pull it out i ended up breaking it, i glued it back at least facing the right direction but man was i pissed. maybe im just dumb for me setting up nendoroids is usually an absolute nightmare.
Wow, that's some bad luck! 0-0
I hope GSC gets back to you soon...
You've angered and been cursed by a swamp witch. It's the only answer.
GSC is the company I trust least simply because every figure I receive from them or any of their companies (aside from Gift) seems to be riddled with QC issues. At least they have good customer service to make up for it.

Hope they'll get back to you for the Gilgamesh problem. Shit sucks.
i'm sorry about your experience, it sounds really unfortunate... xx i've never received a defective nendoroid, and they're almost the only things i buy new from gsc. taking a break is up to you, of course, but it's hard with wonfes coming so soon to keep your finger off the trigger.




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