iHow many figures a year do you get?n/a

How many figures a year do you get?

  • 25.91%
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  • 5.91%
  • 6.36%

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03個月前 (3個月前)okami34okami34
1-5, since I'm the only one who's buying them (I try to hunt down the best price and discounts before I buy each figure). I never really buy no more than 2-3 a year. I usually only buy 1/7 to 1/8 scale figures and that limits how many I can buy as well. My mother frowns upon my hobby. DX

I also splurge a little on video games each year too since I can get about $10 a month in gift cards with my Bing Rewards account. :)
05個月前 (5個月前)AimaileafyAimaileafy
My answer was 100+, but only if ALL kinds of figures does count, not only scales. Im at the start of my collection and there are so many I want! I guess I will slow down later to 20 or 10... But I don't own many scales and I dont have many in mind since there are not many scales of my favourite shows nor characters... so these 100 are mostly price-figures and chibi figures! And since a set of Sailor Moon Petit Charas mostly contain 4-6 figures...
I would say my rate of buying is slowing down as I tend to buy figures of particular shows and even then I am picky. I did splurge a lot this past Holiday season as I was in Japan as it was easier to buy them, package them up and mail back all at once then buy individually from differnt stores online.
not sure, since i'm just college student can't say how much i can get a year, probably around 3-4 figure
05個月前 (5個月前)WorstluckWorstluck
I care about how much I spend for figure in a year more than the actual number of figures I buy. Currently I am still holding the line of 500 USD a year.
I'd rather not count hahahaha
(lies down
started figure collecting in 2016 ,got like almost 150++ ,i need to control myself lol
05個月前IshokuOseroIshokuOsero Idol in training <3
KyokiPon (5個月前) #18297526I admire you for being able to sell your figures.. I for one get attached to
everything I own OTL so is so heart breaking for me to even think about
having to sell them.

Oh trust me I had a long time where I wouldn't have even thought to sell anything, but once I got over five hundred and didn't have room for everything even stacking figures on the bases of other figures and stuff like that I had to do something. And it was hard at first, but got easier over time to part with things. I'd like to think I'm in a good place now haha.
05個月前KirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
5 - 10
Where's the 5-10 range?




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